Right Hybrid Auto Repair Shop

There are as many reasons for wanting to own a hybrid vehicle as there are hybrid owners.

Whether it’s saving the environment, fuel economy, dislike of big oil companies or maybe you just like the latest technological gizmo, there’s no denying that driving a new hybrid car is a source of pride for the owner. One of the first things a new hybrid owner comes to understand after they’ve made their new purchase is that they need to find a qualified service technician or hybrid auto body shop that has the knowledge, training and expertise to keep this special vehicle type in prime condition.

Depending on the make of the car, you’ll want to first make sure that the service center you’re looking at has taken the factory authorized training necessary to understanding how the hybrid is properly maintained. For instance, if you own a Toyota Prius, you’ll want to look a Toyota body shop or technician who specialize in Toyota auto body or Toyota hybrid cars. Make sure that they’ve received the Toyota factory certification for Toyota hybrid repairs.

The same would be true for Lexus hybrids. Look for factory trained Lexus auto body shops or Lexus hybrid repairs.

One of the big mistakes many car owners make when in need of auto repairs is to go to the first one they find, or the one recommended by the insurance company! Keep in mind, many auto body shops and service centers have arrangements with leading insurance companies, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best choice for your vehicle. It’s best to do a little homework and research. Look on the internet and do a search for Toyota auto body or Toyota hybrid repairs (if that’s the type of car you own), and see if they have a website. If their website does not mention that they are a certified hybrid repair shop then chances are they are not. You may even want to look in the Yellow Pages and see who’s advertising for hybrid auto repairs.

Once you’ve found a local repair center that advertises that they work on hybrids, call them up and do a little more digging. Ask them to tell you about the certifications and trainings that they’ve participated in. Ask them if all or some of their technicians are certified. Find out if they specialize in only certain types of hybrid auto repair or if they just focus on hybrid auto body repair .

You’ll find that if they can answer these questions to your satisfaction, then you’ve probably found a reliable hybrid repair shop. The only other investigating you may want to do is based on customer satisfaction. Can they show you testimonials from other satisfied hybrid car owners? Have they earned any awards or other accolades in the community? How long have they been in business? How long have they been a certified hybrid repair shop?